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About TCL

The TCL was born in 2011 under the leadership of Mrs. Nimisha Amish Shah. TCL is the only leading female cricket sports organization of the county focusing dedicatedly on empowering non professional female cricket lovers giving them freedom to play their favorite sports. Currently, it has recognized tournaments all across Ahmedabad. It is a mature, established & goal driven organization.

Nimisha Shah

Nimisha Shah was born in 1978 in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, in a middle-class family. With the guidance of her caring husband Mr. Amish Shah and with the dreams of touching Sky, Mrs. Shah introduced the first season of non-professional female cricket of TCL in 2010. Her dedication and hard work made TCL (Top Champions League) a famous non-professionals female cricket tournament. Few years of practise in organising tournaments, she had organised Season 12 of TCL @ Club Babylon with 16 teams (200+ Female Players). Her ambition for female cricket encompass complete dream of playing cricket for female teenagers, moms, housewives, woman entrepreneurs and also senior citizen woman. Well-known personality/celebrities have endorsed her work for female cricket.

Anang Mistry

TCL has strong presence in Ahmedabad for non-professional female cricketers for more than a decade now. From last many seasons it is voluntarily supported by Mr. Anang Mistry to managed TCL professionally and make it a brand for cricket female lovers. Mr. Mistry brings with him over 20+ years of event management expertise and leadership in analysis, strategy, business development and fund raising. He is known in the industry for his focussed approach to getting projects implementation on time. His insistence on developing TCL with the best aesthetics and quality with strength within the committed timeline had made TCL one of the best non-professional female cricket tournament in Ahmedabad. Anang Mistry always ready to support any challenges faced by TCL and has always delivered his best support for the success of the tournaments.

Our Goals

Our Vision

SprintERA's vision is to implant sports culture among the female cricket lovers who have not got any direction or opportunity to explore their passion and experience cricket in a professional environment to excel at a higher level aiming international matches with tennis ball cricket as a new stream of cricketing at international level.

Our Mission

SprintERA will act as a guardian to provide world class cricket environment, easy accessibility, financially viable. encouraging and harness discipline among all age female cricket lovers to enhance their cricket passion and dream into reality

Our Aim

SprintERA's aim is to provide a unique cricketing experience to all passionate female cricket lovers (non-professional players). Develop discipline. confidence and promote diversity by welcoming players from various backgrounds, community, cultures and nationality.

Our Quality

Quality is important to SprintERA because we value our culture. We strive to provide our members with best qualitative experience and motivational platform which meet and even exceed their expectations.

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SPlanning and delivery of all technical aspects of the competition for their respective sport/discipline during TCL matches. In accordance with TCL rules and regulations. This will involve him as working closely with the TCL Team to coordinate and communicate the sport specific requirements to internal functional areas. Ensuring that players, team officials and technical officials are provided with the correct environment and services to perform to their best.


This role is an important and strategic position in the TCL, who responsible for planning and delivering TCL events in a commercially viable and creative manner. He is heading Strategic and operational management of TCL Events in a commercially successful and efficient manner. He also building and developing a constructive network among TCL captains and potential players.


He is actively contributing to venue and operational planning to ensure sport/discipline specific technical elements are effectively integrated during the matches wide planning, liaise and consult with the TCL umpires on matters relating to the preparation of the competition and competition issues as they arise.

Dhruvish and Vatsal

They are ensuring that all ground is prepared to the highest of standards and that they meet all the expectations required for first-class cricket. They also ensures that playing surfaces, practice areas and outfields to be ready and also handles any ground specific issues along with grounds staff. They also plays key role in TCL to update scoreboards in various live cricket apps and streaming.

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Nimisha : +91 98793 19578

Anang : +91 98251 19790

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